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Leadership & Ownership

21 Juli 2017

As we tend to organize in a more agile way and management is associated with the traditional bureaucratic and hierarchal way of organising, it is good to reflect on responsibility and authorization. The concept of management will be replaced by leadership, which will become more and more based on giving and accepting roles, justified by recognition of experience, skills, knowledge and wisdom. It appears as a more informal way of granting authorization within boundaries of time and results.

As authorization should always be in balance with responsibility it should be clear for everyone that they are connected as two wheels of the same bike. If you have the right to act you also have the duty to behave. This makes the person in charge always accountable. If the leader disturbs the balance it is time for feedback and if he persists, it is time to discharge him. Someone remarked that this makes leadership more fragile than agile. In my opinion, it is much more based on mutual respect and joint drive for result and less on power and control. I see it as leadership in purpose, process and people. Getting the best out of your team and take responsibility for the mistakes. Solve the problems your team is coping with. Become the owner and act as the owner. That’s what I mean with leadership is ownership.


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